Blue Fox Comics

Blue Fox Comics are owned and run by Simon and Marielle Birks, a husband and wife team based out of Walberton, West Sussex. Simon explains how Blue Fox came to be.


My first memory of comics originates from the seventies, when my Nan would buy me Marvel UK Spider-Man comics. I’d get the latest one each week, and I remember the excitement and anticipation even now.
Writing has always been my passion, so it’s surprising it took me so long to produce my first comic. It was around three years ago, when I had a number of short film screenplays gathering dust that I first thought about turning them into comics.
There’s a strong correlation between films and comics; both are hugely visual, and whenever I write for the screen, I always attempt to envisage how each scene will look; a snapshot which is not too far removed from a comic page panel.


After I’d written my first comic script, Marielle and I started visiting conventions to find artists suitable for the story, and we were impressed about was the quality of the UK Indie comics market. The large comic
cons have an area where you can visit the artists, writers and small press publishers, chat with them, and buy their latest books, and it wasn’t long before we found an artist we liked.


When the comic was drawn, we went to Kickstarter to raise the funds for printing. It was a massive learning curve. Kickstarter is a game-changing tool, allowing creators to build a fan base of dedicated supporters.
We launched the campaign in January 2014, and after thirty days of continual work, we managed to reach our funding target.
We printed the comics, and funded the rewards, and everything was sent out. We were also able to get some great reviews.


In March 2015, we attended our first convention as a small press publisher. It felt great. The culmination
of a lot of hard work! Since then, we have created another seven comics, and soon we’re going to need
to get more tables!


The next comic we are going to Kickstarter with is called Robyn. It’s a gender-swapped version of Robin Hood, with our Robyn as a young teenage girl, confident, intelligent, and skilful, doing her best to survive alone in Sherwood Forest.


Lastly, but by no means least, we are starting Chichester’s very own comic-con! Meanwhile… Comic-Con is being held at Chichester College on 30th September, 2017.
It won’t just be for comics, though. CGC Emporium, Chichester’s comic book shop in North Street, will be running the games tournaments during the day. We’ll also have cosplay competitions, and a retro console games area too!

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