Client Portfolio

My design work can serve many different market styles and my clients range from single business entrepreneurs to medium-sized businesses, many of which are located locally in Chichester and the West Sussex area. Each client is different and I strive to develop quality design that reflects and helps individuals and businesses achieve their goals.

Contracted Clients

My Leaflet Drop, Rockhopper Pools, Applecarte Distribution, Vagabond and Just the Space are clients that have hired myself on an on-going yearly contract to produce all their marketing, design, advertising and branding requirements.  

New clients

The main benefit of contracting myself is of course removing the cost of hiring an permanent member of staff. 
 (I can work under a on-going contract for you, or if you wish you can contract me for a specific one-off job at a specific rate of pay.)

Up and coming projects.

Some upcoming projects which I’m very excited to get started with. Go Digital which could well change the face of local advertising and Pinned Culture. Life is never boring at Quite Fancy That.