Dana and Alan have run a design house in the local area for over 9 years. They deliver a unique service designing for both local and nationwide companies, councils and schools.

Quite Fancy That Magazine is an extension of their service and is now on to its 5th issue. The magazine showcases the studio’s unique flair for design, typography, illustration and their quirky love of thinking that ‘little bit different’.

They not only produce this ‘awesome’ magazine, which incidentally features many of their design clients some of which have been with them for over 20 years, but they also write, sell the advertising space, illustrate and edit it too! It’s a truly independent local magazine advertising the heart of where they know best.

It is a unique and quirky publication, full of advertising, topped up with a little humour and some lighthearted reads. It says a lot about us and our advertisers wanting to stand out in an over exhausted marketplace, create impact and generate results.

If you like what you see get in touch to discuss your design needs. We can work to corporate styles or generate something unique, we can create adverts for other publications, brochures, leaflets, signage, websites, branding, logo design and more helping you to stand out wherever you are.

Graphic Design DNA

Quite Fancy That is based in Barnham, West Sussex. We are a multi-talented company with oodles of creative flair and fresh ideas, offering graphic design, website design and project management all under one roof, and of course our Advertiser.

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