In one day

In a car you travel from place to place cocooned from the outside world.  On a bicycle you experience the places you travel through, the smells, the life, the people and the weather.

Cycling draws you in; it’s simple nature of towing luggage – people are curious, they want to chat, find out more about you and want to help.  Whenever I’m ‘lost’ I find humanity on the road and have experienced the most unselfish acts of human kindness.  I thank those for their help.

Cycling can be mind blowing and a relentless boring chore, a proper battle of the mind, will and body.  In a day you can experience the highs that an epic climb can bring, followed by the lows of exhaustion and hunger.  In one day you can experience the isolation of a lonely road full of trees, trees and more trees followed by an overpowering manic, thriving city full of bright lights and excitement.  In one day you can cycle through idyllic country villages, bustling market towns, along canals and tow paths and then be thrust into relentlessly busy highways and near death experiences.

In one day you can feel the heat of the blazing sun followed by torrential rain and lightning storms, fighting against fierce wind.  In one day hearing frogs mating, beavers building, butterflies dancing, birds of prey soaring, slugs crawling, bugs biting, hedgerows twitching, cows chewing.   In one day, experience inquisitive reindeer, fear that bears are near when you set up camp only to have foxes steel your shoes in the night!  In one day pass festivals, re-enactments, buskers, markets, derelict buildings and remains of time long past.  In one day, travel over epic mountains, through gorges, pass endless fields of colour and smell all the world’s delights.

In one day you could speak many languages, be faced with different cultures, use different currency, be a bike mechanic, a cook, a navigator, a mediator, a nurse, build a home and carry out basic chores. The simple elation when you find digs for the night can never be matched no matter where it is.

Now imagine that for 2 weeks, 2 months or even 2 years. Now that’s a 9 to 5!

Im currently planning our Life Jam Adventure.

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1. Bike assembly, Honningsvag Airport
2. Barren Road, Arctic
3. Tea Time, Sweden
4. Friends, some lost and some found, Ireland
5. Finding Camp, Scotland
6. Flight to the Far North
7. Fast lane, Budapest
8. Dana, back home in Chichester